Certificates of Analysis

We stand behind every product we sell because we’ve tested it to ensure it contains the amount of cannabinoids you’re paying for. The third-party labs where our products are tested are all listed on the CoAs. We believe that our GramFam deserves that kind of transparency!  

Please note that batch results are subject to change due to plant-by-plant variations. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and will never deliberately produce or sell you a product that runs counter to the rigorous guidelines we have in place.

Below are our product COAs for product on the shelf as of March 26, 2022.

Smokable Flower

Batch: CCOEEFOYSF-110221-1 (2021)

Batch: SFFOYD8-013122-1 (2022)


Batch: CCoEFOYGF-110221-1 (2021)

Batch: SFFOYD8-013122-1 (2022)

Batch: COMING SOON (2022)

Disposable Vapes

Batch: 2139034 (2021)

Batch: 2142049 (2021)

Batch: S-0104-D8C-RH (2022)

Vape Cartridges

Batch: 2139034 (2021)

Batch: 2142049 (2021)

Batch: S-0104-D8C-RH (2022)

Batch: CBG106 (2022)

Water Soluble Powder

Batch: WS-06212421-0 (2021)


Batch: d8gummy-watermelon-082721-1 (2021 Watermelon)

Batch: d8gummy-W-01122-1 (2022 Watermelon)

Batch: d8gummy-BR-01122-1 (2022 Blue Raspberry)

Batch: D8gummy_FP-013122-1 (2022 Fruit Punch)

Wake & Bake Coffee (4 ounce and 8 ounce)

Batch: D8coffee-082621-1 (2021)

Batch: W&BCoffee-122321-1 (2022)

Batch: WBCOFFEE-013122-1 (2022)

Hard Candies

Batch: HC-121421-1 (2022)

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