Delta 8 THC Gummies from GramCo,  veteran owned, Florida based company. Know your source. D8 Gummies, THC Gunnies, Edibles, THC Edibles, Florida THC edibles,
GramCo's Wake & Bake Coffee takes the best of two of America's favorite morning routines with its D8 infused coffee and Colombian coffee. Infused coffee from GramCo. Delta 8 THC infused coffee is an amazing gift.
GramCo edibles just got a little sweeter with our delta8 THC hard candies. Florida based and veteran owned. Know your source. Best THC edibles. Florida edibles. Tropical orange hard candies pack a punch with 25 mg of D8 THC each.
GramCo Delta 8 THC disposable vapes are considered the best Delta 8 THC vapes. We're veteran owned and based in Florida. Delta 8 vapes.



D8 THC Hard Candies



Whether you or your team’s game is on the field, screen, board, table, track, diamond, court, or mat - GramCo is For The Game.

Grown by farmers who spent years developing premium hemp genetics, GramCo provides our customers with consistent, quality Delta 8 THC products ready for almost any occasion.

GramCo currently offers numerous Delta 8 products and merchandise, including Wake & Bake Delta 8 Coffee (250/500 mg D8), Delta 8 disposable vapes (0.5ML), Delta 8 gummies (25MG each), Delta 8 pre rolls (1G, regular and kief dusted), and more.

GramCo offers you an enjoyable, legal high delivered discretely right to your front door. GramCo is also available at many retailers near you.


GramCo vapes have quickly become my trusted go-to canna product for a high quality, smooth experience.

Justin, Tallahassee, Florida

With verified lab results to match the product effects, GramCo’s D8 gummies continue to exceed my expectations and enhance my life.

Maddie, Miami, Florida

GramCo’s disposable vape size and smooth pull makes it the only on-to-go choice for me.

Jordan, Coral Springs, Florida

I’m a football guy and soccer isn’t really my thing. I put some water soluble powder in the drinks I had at the Orlando City v Inter Miami soccer match and it made the whole experience way more entertaining. The water soluble powder was just enough to get me in the spirit of the game and make the day enjoyable.

Light, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Convenient size, lasts a relatively long time, and is easily concealable. The perfect on-the-go Delta 8 THC product for the casual smoker. 

Milan, Gainesville, Florida

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