How to unclog a vape or cart

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How to unclog a vape or cart

If you frequently use vapes or cartridges, you have likely experienced a clogged vape or cart at some point in your consumption journey. 

With the extreme heat in the summer, plus general device failure rates, it happens more than we would like. 

If it happens to you, there are a few things you can do to unclog the device, and in most cases, still use the product inside.

Here are a few tips from our team: 

1. Warm up the clogged oil in your cartridge by preheating your vape or heating it for 30 seconds with a hair dryer. 

2. Scrape the clog out of the vape cart with a paper clip or toothpick.

3. Inhale slowly from the mouthpiece. Pull VERY slowly. The slow inhale can heat the oil and optimize the viscosity. Be mindful to not pull without oil in the chamber. That could ruin the flavor and/or cause a dry burn. 

 The summer heat has not been kind to a few of our devices. Our products clog significantly less often than many of our competitors, but it does still happen. Our current vapes and carts are on a closeout Buy 1, Get 2 FREE Delta-8 deal as we work on sourcing our next devices. 

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