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Start your morning with a warm cup of medium roast Colombian coffee infused with water soluble Delta 8. 

Each scoop has 10 mg of Delta 8 to help you kick off the day with the perfect motivation. 1 scoop makes 1 8 ounce cup of coffee.

Coffee Origin – Huila, Colombia.

The coffee was sourced by Felipe Robayo, one of Green Point Research’s partners in Colombia, where it is licensed to cultivate and extract both hemp and cannabis.  Felipe is a former executive of the Colombian Coffee Federation, responsible for exporting approximately 25% of all of Colombia’s coffee. He has driven throughout all of Colombia during his time with the CCF visiting almost every coffee farm in Colombia, some as small as 2 acres.

Felipe has helped source GramCo’s Wake & Bake Coffee from Huila, a mountainous region lying in southwest Colombia. In 2013, coffee from Huila received the Denomination of Origin status for its unique, location-specific characteristics, the same status awarded to champagne, prosciutto, and balsamic vinegar made in specific areas of Europe.

Huila coffee is known for its delicate profile, bright acidity, medium body, sweet notes, and a fruity, caramel aroma.  The coffee is roasted to perfection, ground into brew-ready coffee, blended with Delta 8 water soluble powder, bagged, then sold to retailers and distributors throughout the United States.

Delta 8 Water Soluble Powder – Florida.

GramCo’s Wake & Bake Coffee uniformly blends premium Colombian coffee with Delta 8 water soluble powder produced in Florida by Green Point Research. 

The Delta 8 water soluble powder is a 100% Florida product.

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