Discreet Shipping Delta-8

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Discreet Shipping Delta-8

Discreet Delta-8 shipping is important to our customers. 

When you order Delta 8 products from GramCo, your package will arrive in a discreet, unbranded package like the ones shown in the photo. We understand you value your privacy and may not want your neighbors or family members to know about your cannabis and hemp purchases. Retailer and influencer packages may be branded, but can be requested as unbranded shipments as preferred.  

Furry blanket not included. 

As this post has gained traction, other related inquiries have come in that need to be clarified. You asked, "what will it look like on my credit card statement if I buy cannabis?" and "what will show up on my bank account when I buy GramCo Delta-8?". 

Here's an example of what you should see on your bank or credit card statement when

Bank Statement Cannabis Purchaseyou purchase cannabis products (delta-8/CBD) from GramCo:

Delta 8 THC products are shipped from Jasper, Florida, our Hamilton County, Florida headquarters. Please note, the size of the package may differ from the photo based on the actual cannabis product purchase. Current discreet packaging is typically in black or brown packages. We also ship quickly to ensure your products are delivered as quickly as possible.

Thank you for allowing us to be your trusted hemp provider.

Many customers mention our quick, discreet shipping in their product reviews

Here's a 2022 product review mentioning discreet shipping: 

07/16/2022  |  Johnny Fever  | Great product great service

Have ordered several times, each time my order was filled and shipped within 14 hrs. Each Delta 8 product is great! Love the fact that GramCo controls everything from growing to packaging and shipping! Founded by FSU alumni who support FSU sports!! Discount codes can be obtained by listing to Double Fries No Slaw pod cast!! Also FSU spaces on Twitter!! Packaging is discreet.

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