Tennessee Football Tailgate with VFL Ovince St. Preux, GramCo and Jon Reed (Reeds Ranch)

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Tennessee Football Tailgate with VFL Ovince St. Preux, GramCo and Jon Reed (Reeds Ranch)

It's football time in Tennessee!

GramCo's tailgate with Jon Reed proves once more that here's no place like Rocky Top.

The University of Tennessee and The University of Florida game in Knoxville, Tennessee was one

Ovince St. Preux takes Jon Reed  (Reeds Ranch/ Fox Sports Knoxville) up on his sparring offer. for the record books. Jon Reed, producer of Reed's Ranch Podcast, and Fox Sports/FanRun Radio talent, led the tailgate with GramCo. UFC light heavyweight, Ovince St. Preux, was an honored guest of the event.

 Over 100 attendees tailgated Volunteer-style on campus the morning and into the afternoon before the game. The food was amazing; the drinks were perfect; and the addition of GramCo products into the Rocky Top tailgate scene provided the perfect event elevation. Some of the tailgate attendees are fiercely loyal GramCo customers who were honored to be among the first to try the cannabis company's new Delta-8 THC seltzers. Those who weren't into the seltzers also enjoyed kief pre-rolls, gummy samples, and more. 

Volunteer fans loved talking to Ovince St. Preux! Jon Reed short-lived volunteer spar to help him get ready for his next fight provided a quick, entertaining show and W for OSP.University of Tennessee vs. University of Florida 2022 Tailgate with Fox SportsVolunteer fans loved the new GramCo Delta-8 THC Seltzers

There are plenty of event photos on our Facebook page if you want to relive the day.

Here's the page link and caption if you want to check it out:

Facebook Event Photos

ICYMI the GramCo tailgate in Knoxville, TN with FOX Sports Knoxville's Jon Reed and Ovince St Preux here's what you missed:
🟠 Meeting with Knoxville greats like Ovince St Preux VFL and UFC Fighter, Jon Reed of Fox Sports & Reeds Ranch, and some of the rowdiest fans on Rocky Top.
⚫️GramCo samples of our favorite products, including the new D8 Seltzers we're getting ready for market.
🟠Orange everywhere and a BIG W for the TN Volunteers.
⚫️ College GameDay and BarstoolU content we're still playing.

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