GramCo Celebrates National Coffee Day With Delta-8 Wake & Bake Coffee

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GramCo Celebrates National Coffee Day With Delta-8 Wake & Bake Coffee

GramCo Announces New Delta-8 THC Wake & Bake Coffee

Consumers now have the best of both worlds in a coffee and cannabis beverage experience.

GramCo, a leading Florida-based cannabis brand, has announced the newest addition to its product lineup with the official arrival of Wake & Bake Coffee. GramCo’s Wake & Bake Coffee blends premium Colombian coffee with Delta-8 water-soluble powder grown and produced in Florida. Consumers can have the best of both worlds in a high-quality coffee and cannabis beverage experience.

GramCo’s Wake & Bake Coffee comes from Huila, a mountainous region in southwest Colombia. In 2013, coffee from Huila received the Denomination of Origin status for its unique, location-specific characteristics, the same status awarded to champagne, prosciutto, and balsamic vinegar made in specific areas of Europe. Huila coffee is known for its delicate profile, bright acidity, medium body, sweet notes, and fruity, caramel aroma. The coffee is roasted to perfection, ground into brew-ready coffee, blended with Delta-8 water-soluble powder, bagged, then sold to customers, retailers, and distributors throughout the United States.

Felipe Robayo serves as the director of Latin America operations for Green Point Research, the hemp provider for the GramCo brand. Mr. Robayo’s reputation as an influential collaborator, creator of standards of production, and clarity of terroir in a cup profile makes him the perfect lead to source and test the coffee for the new product. His previous work includes stints at Kraft General Foods, a top-five coffee roaster, and as the commercial manager of the Colombian Coffee Federation, an association of producers that exports 24% of the total coffee produced in Colombia.

“Colombia’s optimal environment for growing superior coffee year-round allows GramCo to source fresh coffee with great aroma and taste for its popular new product offering,” stated Felipe Robayo, Director of Latin American Operations at Green Point. “GramCo’s attention to quality in its cannabis products and the uniqueness of the new infused product make the new Wake & Bake Coffee an attention-grabbing and inspiring offering.

After several months of product development, due diligence, and test market assessments, we believe our Wake & Bake Coffee is the best infused coffee product on the market”

“Consumer interest in Wake & Bake is the nexus of America’s two favorite morning routines,” David Hasenauer, CEO of GramCo. “Our expertise and ecosystem of high-quality agricultural producers have created an exquisite coffee and cannabis experience garnering overwhelmingly positive market feedback among all consumer groups. We are pleased to introduce Wake & Bake Coffee to a national audience and to roll out more products that connect cannabis and cuisine.”

Wake & Bake Coffee has 20 mg of Delta-8 per 8-ounce cup of coffee to help you kick off the day with the perfect motivation. The product is sold online at in individual 4-ounce or 8-ounce packages with 6-count retail packages available. A combo package with a 4-ounce coffee and a Wake & Bake coffee mug is also available. The hemp-derived Delta-8 THC water-soluble powder in the product is produced in Florida and is now available as a new Delta-8 Quick Mix product. For more information on wholesale and retail options for this product and other delta-8 products, including gummies, pre-rolls, and vapes, and  Wake and Bake coffee mugs, contact GramCo at info at

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See our Wake & Bake vibes on YouTube.

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You can find GramCo's Wake & Bake Coffee in many retail stores such as Natural Life Stores near you. If you are in Miami, get your fix at the Life Cann MD dispensary. Deep South State of Mind also has this cannabis coffee in Daytona. 

About GramCo

GramCo is a premium cannabis brand creating elevated consumer experiences through its delta-8 products. The company offers a variety of inhalable and edible products that begin with high-quality hemp produced by the parent company, Green Point. GramCo products are sold directly to adult consumers through its website,, and in many retail locations in states that allow the sale of delta-8 products. Connect with GramCo on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Linkedin.


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